Privates, Duets, Group Classes,
+ Open Studio Reservations

Bring breath, mind, and body into harmony at Peak Bodies Pilates.

An individualized approach ensures every class focuses on exactly what your body needs, today. From athletes looking for the perfect yin complement to the yang of training, to those who haven’t been in a gym in a while, the movements of our workouts meet you where you are, and infuse balance, flexibility, and strength into your physical journey.

We offer private, duets, and group classes, with different energy and movements perfect for the both first-timer and the seasoned practitioner. If you’re new to Pilates, we invite you to come experience a private session where our instructors can help you focus on form one-on-one, without the distraction of a larger class setting.

All classes are 55 minutes long.

Mat Classes

Every Weds – 9am & Thurs – 7am

Pilates Mat

Class size limited to 8; please register in advance

Experience a date for You and Gravity. The “heart and soul” of classical Pilates, the Mat Class incorporates a series of challenging, balanced movements performed on the floor. Pilates Mat is a pure, simple, and elegantly efficient workout with moves you can learn to do at home, on vacation, in the office, or anywhere else you might travel. Props are occasionally used, to bolster correct form or add a challenge.

Equipment Classes

The equipment we use is based on the number of people in the class.

Every Mon – 12pm, Tues – 7am & 5:30pm, Weds – 7am & Thurs – 5:30pm

Tower Class

Class size limited to 5; please register in advance.

Strengthen and stretch the whole body with the help of the half-Cadillac. The tower bar, roll down bar, leg springs, and arm springs are all utilized to assist you in executing Mat exercises that may have been eluding you. Learn how to engage the necessary muscles in a more controlled environment, while releasing tension in areas of your body that tend to work too hard.

Reformer Class

Class size limited to 3; please register in advance.

Experience a full-body workout with emphasis on correct form and alignment. The Reformer Class is invigorating and intentional, with a flow between movements as we practice combining breathing with smooth transition.

Chair Classes

Every Mon – 9am & Sat – 8am

Chair Class

Class size limited to 7; please register in advance.

A fun, dynamic workout that improves balance while strengthening the entire body. The Chair Class has its foundation in Joseph Pilates’ observation of Chinese acrobats’ maneuvers on a “box.” This workout will enhance other areas of your Pilates practice while building functional strength, and is a great challenge for any level.

By Appointment Only

Open Studio

By appointment only

A self-directed, self-motivated 55 minute Pilates workout.

With instructor approval, our Bozeman studio is open by appointment to all Pilates enthusiasts.

Private / Semi-Private

By appointment only

We invite you to come experience a private session where our instructors can help you focus on form one-on-one, without the distraction of a larger class setting.

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