Our passion for the classical Pilates method forms the foundation for our teaching.

The Six Pilates Principles


Mind-body awareness, with deepened connection to your body and more benefits from every workout.


Focus on the muscles of your core (often called the “powerhouse” to help your entire body move more efficiently.


Control is more important than power or number of repetitions. Focus on quality, not quantity.


Syncing the inhales and exhales with every movement supports muscle activation and mental focus.


Careful form is an essential part of the Pilates practice, and your instructor will help you hone your technique.


There’s a reason Pilates is beloved by dancers. We aim for graceful, smooth movements.

Why Pilates?

Pilates is functional fitness. This invigorating mind-body workout is gentle, yet challenging, emphasizing the breath, the alignment of the spine and pelvis, and flow between movements. Learn to increase your body awareness–a consciousness of where your body is in a space and how it moves–which helps with overall posture, and injury prevention.

In Pilates, quality is more important than number of reps. Your instructors focus their attention on the details of your movements, giving you immediate feedback as you “relearn” how to move. We work to develop a strong core, or “trunk,” by toning, strengthening, and aligning your abs and back.

Pilates conditions the body as a whole, balancing the relationships between muscles and ligaments. Athletes turn to Pilates to increase their performance, and everyday practitioners utilize Pilates to go through their days with greater ease and less risk of injury.

What to expect in your first Pilates class

Arrive a few minutes early. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch, without zippers, buttons, or extra fabric that may catch on the equipment. Come with an open mind, and a willingness to explore new movements. Your instructor will help you achieve the best possible form, and prevent injuries that could occur for first-timers practicing at home. Pilates can feel like a cardio workout at times, but is not designed to be aerobic–its intention is to target specific muscles and tendons with movements that support proper posture and alignment–so it works best as a complement to your healthy lifestyle.

Our Instructors

Our classically-trained instructors draw on their Pilates expertise to guide every detail of movement, so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of every session.


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