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Pilates embraces the lifelong pursuit of perfect minimalism–we believe in trimming away the unnecessary movement and distractions until what’s left is intentional, purposeful simplicity. The right movements, the right effort, the right space. Peak Bodies Pilates’ studio reflects that simple, yet powerful ideal, with an open studio floor plan, daylight ambiance, and just the necessary equipment for healing, strengthening Pilates workouts.

The Location

Our Bozeman Pilates studio is located on Kagy Boulevard. Through floor-to-ceiling, northeast-facing windows, we watch the change of hours and seasons on the local outdoor playgrounds of Pete’s Hill and the Bridgers Mountains.

We have full Pilates equipment to support a variety of workouts, including the Cadillac, Reformer, Tower, Barrels, Chairs, weights, balls, and mats.

Meet Your Instructors

Alaine Huber

Alaine teaches Pilates because she lives it. Alaine brings an intentional, peaceful energy to her instruction, and emphasizes the mind-body connection for her clients as they learn to increase the body’s balance and strength through functional movement. “We’re here to get better at life,” she says–Alaine once suffered chronic pain before incorporating Pilates into her daily experience, and the practice has been life-changing.

Alaine finished her Comprehensive Peak Pilates Certification, and then went on to complete The Heritage Training, a post-grad program with Cara Reeser. She continues to employ a learner’s mindset as she shares her knowledge with others; in her classes, Alaine exudes the centered magnetism of the humble expert. She believes in the transformative power of Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates one hundred years ago and more relevant today than ever. She is the mother of two beautiful children, and loves the outdoors. She’s inspired by helping others find joy in moving their bodies.

Adriane Melillo

I became a true believer in the power of the practice as my sister Alaine helped me rehabilitate my knee after surgery and unsuccessful physical therapy. It changed my life. I began feeling absolute changes in my strength, pain levels, mood, and awareness of my body.

After a year of practice, I knew I’d found my life’s passion and wanted to share with others what Pilates gave to me. Comprehensively certified through Peak Pilates, my hundreds of hours of training and personal practice allow me to help my clients feel their best. No matter how busy we are, our age, our physical pain or disability, Pilates brings us back in touch with our bodies in this fast-paced world, rehabilitating our lives from the inside out.

A born-and-raised Bozeman girl, I love everything about Montana, especially biking, hiking, camping, and playing on the water in our beautiful outdoors with my children, who keep me on my toes and on the go.


270 W. Kagy Blvd, Suite A
Bozeman, MT

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