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“I’m seventy years old, and Alaine’s instruction is just perfect for what I need to be doing to feel good in my body. She’s totally focused on what the student is doing, her attention to detail is phenomenal as she helps you achieve balance and proper alignment… I’ve found Pilates has actually been more impactful for me than years of yoga. Whereas yoga class started to feel competitive, ‘how far can you twist your body,’ the private Pilates practice is individualized, focused, and intentional. I feel like I’m in less pain, and less body dysfunction after my years of old injuries. I can’t speak more highly of Alaine and the work she does.”


“The one-on-one practice has made all the difference; in a lot of ways, it’s like a therapy treatment. In yoga, I was in group classes with a good instructor, but it was easy to lose caution and awareness of my limits, pushing myself too deeply into poses, and I actually had to go physical therapy to correct damage. Working with Katie has made my workout experience infinitely better. She’s so aware of the human body, and so knowledgeable about injury recovery and developing strength, and attuned to people, how they’re feeling and what they want and need for that particular session. I go to see her at Peak Bodies twice a week… the strength, flexibility, and confidence I’ve gained over the past three years of working with her is really noticeable. For me, Pilates is an important component of my fully active life – as someone who enjoys moving, it’s a new way to experience movement that also gives release from tight, sore muscles, and for someone my age – in their sixties – I get to work on body toning, core strength, balance, and focus, training my mind to think about things differently.”



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